12.10.2009. Consultations on WTO admission to start in Geneva
22.09.2009 Canada , Ukraine announce free trade talks
22.09.2009 Kazakhstan , Ukraine are big trade finance risks - WTO
27.07.2009 Georgia Leaving an Ailing CIS Organization
21.05.2009 Russia , Kazakhstan pooling potentials to counteract global crisis
21.05.2009 Chair of Russia WTO talks sees progress
06.05.2009 Azerbaijan holding bilateral talks with eight WTO countries in Geneva


Russia 's Medvedev offers to rewrite energy rules
08.04.2009 Russia ratchets up trade tensions with E.U. over produce
11.03.2009 U.S. may ease trade with Russia , Georgia , Pakistan
04.02.2009 EU-Russia summit to talk energy, WTO on May 21-22
12.01.2009 EU says new Russian car duties counter to WTO deal
26.11.2008 Russia Looks to Bolster Presence in Latin America
26.11.2008 Russia 90% of the Way' to WTO Membership, Ashton Says
30.10.2008 Russia Still Working Toward WTO Membership, Putin Says
04.09.2008 Georgia Conflict Stalls Russia's WTO Bid
19.06.2008 Mandelson in Russia for talks on WTO accession
18.04.2008 Ukraine to officially join WTO on May 16

Russia is months from completing WTO talks-Kudrin

02.04.2008 Russia to go ahead with timber duty increase

U.S., Ukraine sign trade, investment cooperation pact

26.03.2008 Russia to hold WTO talks with UAE, Saudi Arabia on April 5-6
13.03.2008 Member nations of the WTO have about a month to outline their points on liberalising world trade before a ministerial meeting is called
28.02.2008 WTO membership must open additional prospects for agriculture - Medvedev
28.02.2008 Russia denies deal with Tbilisi on joint border control in Abkhazia, S.Ossetia
21.02.2008 Round of Russia-Georgia WTO consultations constructive-official
18.02.2008 France says 20 European Union nations reject latest WTO proposals on global trade deal
06.02.2008 WTO welcomes Ukraine as a new member
29.01.2008 Working Party adopts Ukraine 's accession package'
25.01.2008 Georgian leader says veto on Russia joining WTO could be lifted
17.01.2008 WTO to meet on approving Ukraine entry next week
17.01.2008 World trade pact possible this year: Schwab
03.01.2008 WTO talks to start, doubts on US subsidies
25.12.2007 Russia expects to complete WTO talks in coming months - Medvedkov
22.12.2007 Kudrin, Lamy discuss progress in Russia 's WTO admission talks
15.12.2007 UAE wishes Russia to join WTO soon - Medvedkov
11.12.2007 Congress could face Russia trade vote in 2008
28.11.2007 EU slows Ukraine 's entry into WTO
20.11.2007 EU adopts WTO deal for poor nations to access generic medicines
16.11.2007 Vietnam and Ukraine ink WTO admission accord
16.11.2007 Lamy: WTO to play bigger role in energy trade
13.11.2007 Steel buyers group: Subsidies to steelmakers violate WTO policies
12.11.2007 Chinese complaints increase doubts over Doha accord
08.11.2007 WTO Secretariat announces latest statistics on safeguards actions
29.10.2007 Russia to sign air pact
29.10.2007 EU, Russia summit ends with progress on energy co-op, WTO accession
22.10.2007 20th Europe-Russia summit in Mafra , Portugal
22.10.2007 Next round of talks on RF's accession to WTO begins in Geneva
22.10.2007 Russia says U.S. seeks swift end to WTO talks
18.10.2007 EU trade chief: RF has to resolve stumbling blocks to joining WTO
05.10.2007 Lamy: Civil society is influencing the WTO agenda
26.09.2007 Russia and Saudi Arabia to meet for WTO talks in Geneva
25.09.2007 Russia signs WTO agreement with Cambodia
01.10.2007 No Free Ride Into WTO, Lamy Tells Russia
21.09.2007 US offers to lower farm subsidy cap: WTO mediator
07.09.2007 Final push needed on trade talks: WTO chief
21.08.2007 Sweden Sets New Bar to WTO Entry
16.08.2007 Russian court acquits allofmp3.com music site owner
08.08.2007 Russian ministry looks to sign 15 auto component deals by Nov
26.07.2007 Geneva consultations on WP's Report
19.07.2007 WTO mediators' proposals to save global trade deal
06.07.2007 Russia , Vietnam complete WTO entry talks
03.07.2007 Lamy says relatively small concessions needed for reaching Doha agreement
25.06.2007 Russia may enter into WTO before end of this year
18.06.2007 EU invests 4 million EUR in approximation of SPS measures in the Russian Federation
13.06.2007 Russia hopes to complete bilateral WTO talks in summer
01.06.2007 Russia fails to agree on WTO entry with Georgia
30.05.2007 Russia WTO accession talks to be held in Georgia May 30-31
21.05.2007 Russia to demand lower EU agriculture subsidies after joining WTO
18.05.2007 Peter Mandelson: There will always be small frictions between two partners and political neighbors the size of the EU and Russia . What matters is how we manage those frictions
08.05.2007 WTO accession: We overestimated good will
03.05.2007 Completion of negotiating process and signing of protocol on Russia's WTO accession may take place by end of this year - MEDT
19.04.2007 Gref: Russia will become a WTO member as of January, 1, 2008
10.04.2007 Russian students on way to WTO (Internal Sources April 10, 2007)
03.04.2007 Georgia will not give way on Russia's WTO bid
03.04.2007 Russia hopes to complete talks with Vietnam on WTO accession in near future
29.03.2007 Gref: WTO accession has no connection with Poland 's meat supplies
27.03.2007 Participants of Volga district forum. Russia in the WTO: Strategic Opportunities at Nizhniy Novgorod Fair adopted final resolution
27.03.2007 Byelorussia to grant Russia national regime for government procurement
27.03.2007 RF enterprises not yet ready to formulate their long-term interests at foreign markets RF delegation at talks on WTO accession
23.03.2007 EU Warns Russia Over Meat Ban
19.03.2007 State Duma toughened punishment for copyrights violations
14.03.2007 Recently-Acceded members table new agriculture proposal
06.03.2007 Russian accession: new potential hurdle with EU; TRIPS-Plus  IP commitments with US
05.03.2007 Rates of import customs duties to be reduced in Russia in 2008-2010
27.02.2007 US to facilitate Russia's WTO accession
26.02.2007 Regular round of talks on Russia 's WTO accession starts in Geneva
21.02.2007 U.S. Foreign Affairs Committee head calls for end to Soviet-era trade restrictions
16.02.2007 Schwab Slams Russia 's WTO Shortcomings
08.02.2007 Russia to discuss foreign banks' branches at OECD talks - Gref
02.02.2007 Russia 's policy to protect intellectual property - Putin
29.01.2007 Ministers agree to resume WTO talks
25.01.2007 RF government intends to work at increasing volumes of support for national agricultural producers Medvedev
24.01.2007 Ukraine and Russia have equal chances for WTO accession WTO chief
18.01.2007 Officials half opened Russian sky for foreigners
18.01.2007 After WTO accession Russia starts talks about free trade zone with EU
09.01.2007 Putin signed law on special safeguard, antidumping measures in compliance with WTO norms