Working Party adopts Ukraine 's ‘accession package'


After 14 years of accession negotiations, the Working Party on the Accession of Ukraine successfully adopted Ukraine 's ‘accession package'. This package consists of a Working Party report, market access schedules for goods and services, a draft General Council decision and a draft Protocol of Accession.

The Chair of the Working Party, Ambassador Mario Matus from Chile paid homage to the Ukrainian delegation which he said remained fully committed to completing accession throughout the negotiations. He said that the accession was long and arduous and required difficult policy decisions from Ukraine . He added that the Government of Ukraine had done an admirable work. He also thanked members for their hard work, goodwill, support and spirit of compromise.

Ukraine 's Deputy Minister of Economy said that this negotiation was not simple and that Ukraine managed to overcome many complicated obstacles. He stated that Ukraine 's membership will make trade ties closer and economically beneficial for all.

Members said Ukraine 's accession would strengthen the multilateral trading system and appreciated the great efforts accomplished by Ukraine to finalise this negotiation.

The ‘accession package' will be put forward to the General Council for consideration at the meeting on 5 February 2008 . Following approval of the General Council, Ukraine will have to ratify the deal by 4 July 2008 . Ukraine will become a member 30 days after this ratification.

Ukraine started its accession negotiations in 1993