Regular round of talks on Russia 's WTO accession starts in Geneva



A regular round of plurilateral consultations in the framework of the Working Party on Russia 's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) starts in Geneva on Monday.

The consultations will cover systemic issues, pertaining, in particular, to veterinary and phytosanitary measures, customs administration, intellectual property protection and other conditions of accession to the body.

According to the Ministry for Economic Development and Trade, a series of bilateral meetings with Russia 's trade partners is planned in the framework of the consultations. Among others, a meeting with the Georgian delegation was planned too.

However, last week a source belonging to the staff of Tamara Kovzirazdze, Georgia 's deputy minister for economic development, told RIA Novosti news agency that “the Georgian delegation will not take part in talks on Russia 's WTO accession on February 26.” “We will officially inform the Russian side about it in the next few days,” said he.

Georgia demands from Russia to close customs check-points on the Abhasian and South Ossetic segments of the Russian-Georgian border. In case this demand is satisfied, Georgia is ready to vote for Russia 's accession to the WTO.

Protocols on completion of bilateral talks with Costa Rica and Salvador were signed in January, a protocol with Guatemala is close to being signed. Russia still has to conduct bilateral negotiations and sign a protocol with Cambodia .